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Ceramic Tile Protected by Stain/Seal Process


Why protect grout? While ceramic tile is extremely durable and will last decades, the grout between the tiles is very porous and will readily absorb dirt and spills. These stains quickly become permanent and spoil the beauty of your tile. Without some protection, even regular mopping will leave your grout dirty and uneven in color.

Stain/Sealing provides the highest degree of stain protection and greatly reduces the maintenance required to keep tiled areas looking clean and fresh. Spills are easily wiped away making the grout look clean and uniform in color. With regular mopping, your tile will look great for years to come!

Ceramic tile is an investment that adds both beauty and value. Protect it with services from Groutzilla.

Remove Years of Dirt and Grime

Revolutionary Stain/Seal Process

"Locks In" Color ; "Seals Out" Stains

Restore or Change Grout Color

New Home Stain/Seal Protection

Minor Repairs

Tile Floors, Counters, and More


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Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaned by Groutzilla Floor Tiling Protected From Stains and Spills Colored Grout in Ceramic Tile Floor